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Blow the Whistle –
Wherever You Are

Receive whistleblower rights and 
monetary rewards regardless of
where you live in the world.

We can guide you toward
a successful outcome that benefits you and society


The international legal advocacy organization for whistleblower protection and compensation

Our attorneys and advocates have decades of international experience and unmatched expertise in whistleblower laws and cases. We will work for your career and personal well-being. 

We Fight for You –
and with You

Under new laws with international reach and qui tam provisions, we can shield you from retaliation and help you receive a monetary reward. We will work for your financial security.

Monetary Compensation
for Whistleblowers

Like you, we believe citizens have the power to stop corruption, fraud, pollution and other crimes. Together, your integrity and our expertise can reward both you and society. 

A Shared Belief in
Fighting Corruption

Blow the Whistle

Regardless of which country you live in, you can have
legal representation, be protected, and qualify for
a monetary reward if you successfully report:

Money laundering
Bribery of public officials
Securities or commodities fraud
Government contracting fraud
Ocean pollution and dumping
Illegal fishing and logging
Harm to endangered species
Wildlife poaching and trafficking

Banking or financial sector corruption

​Carbon emissions or air pollution

Company misconduct

Tax evasion
or fraud

Cases, Clients and Campaigns

Attorneys have won some of the world's largest and most important qui tam whistleblower cases and are fighting for stronger whistleblower rights in all regions.

Howard Wilkinson: 'Sometimes as citizens we have to do our part, too'

EU whistleblowing rights campaign

We are urging elected officials in all 27 European Union countries to strongly comply with new EU whistleblower protection standards

Howard Wilkinson exposed how Danske Bank's office in Estonia was involved with potentially the largest money laundering scandal in Europe's history – $235 billion almost all originating in Russia and former Soviet republics.

Huge victory over Novartis

U.S. authorities fined pharmaceutical giant Novartis $347 million for widespread bribery schemes that KKC whistleblowers helped expose

Howard Wilkinson

Our Experts

If you have information or evidence about a financial crime,
company wrongdoing, an environmental offense or other act of misconduct or corruption, you may be eligible for whistleblower rights and monetary compensation. Your well-being is our top priority.

Mark Worth

Founder of Whistleblowing International, European Center for Whistleblower Rights and many other NGOs and public interest campaigns. Europe’s leading whistleblower advocate. Advisor to the EU and Council of Europe, and member of the UN Expert Group on Whistleblowing. 

Mark Worth
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