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Criminals are becoming more clever and cunning at concealing their misdeeds. Public regulators and authorities are outmatched. So, more than ever, citizens are stepping forward to expose corruption.
We work with you to hold criminals to account.

We Share Your Belief
in Fighting Corruption – for the Public Benefit

Mark Worth on fighting corruption

The Power of Citizens

Companies and politicians that commit fraud, waste and abuse often do so quietly and out of sight of the public eye: companies falsify book records using impenetrable accounting methods, oil rigs dump waste into the sea under the veil of the night sky, and importers falsify customs forms to conceal illegal shipments of endangered wildlife.

Without whistleblowers, many of the crimes being reported today would have gone undetected had they not provided secret, hidden evidence to law enforcement and public authorities.

It was whistleblowers who exposed one of the largest money laundering schemes in Europe, secret Swiss bank accounts, and the mislabeling of illegally logged wood from Russia. These disclosures highlight the impressive reforms that whistleblowers can achieve – for the public benefit.

The power of citizens

Mark Worth speaks at Prague City Hall

How Whistleblowers are Helping
to Save the Planet

Whistleblowing for the climate

Climate change poses an enormous threat to our environment, the economy, and the quality of life for all people everywhere. Yet, readily available solutions are not being put into action quickly enough to head off the worst damage.

How we...

How citizen voices can help save the planet

More than two-thirds of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment since 1988 can be traced to 100 fossil fuel producers including Shell, BHP Billiton and ExxonMobil. Roughly one-third of these emissions comes from publicly listed, investor-owned companies that play a dominant role in public policy and the economy.


As the demand for and availability of low-carbon energy sources rises, and with the economic slowdown caused by Covid-19, the oil and gas industry is facing financial challenges unlike ever before. These challenges are creating conditions for large-scale fraud, including concealing environmental and safety problems.

We are working to hold companies in three climate-harming industries – oil and gas, coal, and industrial logging – accountable for fraud, abuse and deception. Like any successful campaign, the Climate Corruption Campaign relies on people. We are working with whistleblowers to expose crimes in these industries – educating people on how best to report violations, investigating their reports, and supporting them in their cases.

"Citizens have the power to end impunity for crooked politicians and business executives. Whistleblowers are the new secret weapon against corruption."

Mark Worth
Executive Director, Whistleblowing International
Mark Worth Executive Director, Whistleblowing International
More about the Center
More about the Center

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is the world’s most powerful and successful international whistleblower law. Contact us if you know about bribery of a public official.

Shutting Down International Bribery and Corruption

We are experienced in representing whistleblowers from all over the globe who report wildlife crimes, illegal fishing and logging, ocean pollution and other environmental offenses.

Exposing Environmental Crimes and Misconduct

Whistleblowing International works relentlessly to ensure corrupt politicians, company executives, environmental polluters and other criminals are held responsible for their crimes.

Standing Up to Criminals –
For Your Rights

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