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Many whistleblower laws originating in the
United States have international reach and jurisdiction. These powerful and highly
successful anti-corruption laws apply to all countries – for the benefit of all citizens.


Your Rights as a Whistleblower –
Wherever You Live

Know Your Rights

Regardless of where you live in the world, you can report crime and corruption, obtain legal representation, qualify for whistleblower rights, and be eligible to receive a monetary reward. Many whistleblower laws originating in the United States have international reach and jurisdiction. These powerful and highly successful anti-corruption laws apply to all countries – for the benefit of all citizens.

US whistleblower programs value the crucial role of people everywhere in exposing financial crimes, public health threats and other serious misconduct. These international whistleblower programs have grown substantially in recent years, as criminals and corrupt organizations have expanded their international enterprises. 

Know your rights

Howard Wilkinson Exposes Largest-Ever Money Laundering Scheme

Howard Wilkinson is an international hero who risked his career and livelihood to stop what many experts consider the largest money laundering scandal in world banking history.

Howard Wilkinson

Blow the Whistle on these Crimes and Public Health Threats

Blow the whistle

Here are the main U.S. whistleblower programs under which you may be eligible for whistleblower status. You can qualify for a reward under qui tam provisions and we can represent you in your case - regardless of where you live or which country you maintain citizenship. Contact us if you have information about any of these violations.

Company misconduct

Includes bribery, fraudulent financial reporting, money laundering, tax fraud, procurement fraud and securities violations.

Tax evasion or fraud

Tax violations including offshore tax havens, shell accounts, money laundering, and falsified tax returns and payroll tax filings.

Securities fraud

Includes Insider trading, stock and investment fraud, market manipulation, abusive short and selling, pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

Commodities fraud

Includes manipulating or fixing currency exchange rates, Illegal precious metals transactions, and disruptive trading ("spoofing").

Money laundering

Masking or concealing the source of illegally obtained money by transferring funds to foreign banks or legitimate businesses.

Financial corruption

Includes mail, wire, bank or securities fraud; fraud against shareholders; and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) violations.

Bribery of officials

Using bribes to gain business or project approval from a public official or agency, or failing to keep proper records on company transactions.

Contracting fraud

Fraud in US government contracting, including defense contracts, Medicare/Medicaid, mortgage and bank fraud, and underpayments.

Banking crimes

Includes money laundering, enabling tax fraud and evasion, falsified financial reporting, consumer fraud and mortgage malpractice.

Carbon emissions

The oil and gas industry is facing more pressures to cover up safety and environmental problems, and conceal pollution and financial risks.

Air or ocean pollution

Includes the dumping of garbage, oil, toxic chemicals and other wastes into oceans, and air pollution from factories, vehicles and aircraft.

Endangered species

The illegal killing, trafficking, poaching or selling of endangered wildlife, fish and plants in violation of the US Endangered Species Act.

Wildlife trafficking

Importing, exporting, transporting, selling or purchasing endangered wildlife, fish or plants in violation of the laws of any country.

Illegal fishing

Reports of illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing practices, typically exposed by people who work on ships or in ports of call.

Illegal logging

In tropical forests with high carbon stocks, unsustainable and illegal logging by mining and agriculture interests harms local economies.

More about the Center

More about the Center

The Center was established by Whistleblowing International and the European Center for Whistleblower Rights.

From Germany to Serbia, from India to Japan, and from Paraguay to the US, Whistleblowing International supports citizens who take anti-corruption into their own hands. 

Fighting for Rights and Justice – Every Day

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